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31. Januar 2014


Hi folks,
the Killer News has been closed down after all these years!
The Jerry Lee Lewis & Linda Gail Lewis news, pics, stories, some bits of history will come online on FACEBOOK now.
There is the new place for the things you all can use for the info and the other goodies you got here and the place there is open for a far better & quicker interaction within the fan community.
For news & updates visit from now on: FACEBOOK or
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R.I.P. Ray Price (1926 - 2013)

15. Dezember 2013

In Loving Memory
Noble Ray Price
(January 12, 1926 - December 16, 2013)


His last letter to his fans:
´I love my fans and have devoted my life to reaching out to them. I appreciate their support all these years and I hope I haven’t let them down. I am at peace. I love Jesus. I’m going to be just fine. Don’t worry about me. I’ll see you again one day.´

R.I.P. Mr. Price.

Jerry Lee Lewis, Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Dolan: Live at Dognvill Festival in Tromso (NOR) 30. August 2013

31. August 2013


The Killer returned to Europe, quickly & surprisingly!…backed by his band The Memphis Beats and supported by his wonderful sister Linda Gail Lewis and his niece Annie Marie Dolan.
Once more he showed us how spontanoeus he can say ´Yes, we gonna play there!´….got scheduled less than 4 weeks before the show date….he came ….and blew them all away when he played his show there.
Who is the King!?…..Yesssss, he is the King!…the greatest of them all!

Below some impressions & info. Enjoy.

Killer & his troupe arrived in Tromso on 28. August…..

….Annie Marie (voc) & Buck (gtr) right before they left the hotel for sound check….

…band & Stein arrived at Dognvill area…

…sound check with Linda Gail….

…Killer is here…

…backstage zone…

…one coffee for three!? No, no…Annie Marie, Linda Gail & JW totally relaxed….

…12000 spectators….

…right before the show: Stephen Ackles, Petter Bakke & Linda Gail Lewis….

alt=”img_5552″ title=”img_5552″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-4192″ />
…so, Let’s Rock!…

…Linda Gail & Rune Braeck….

Setlist Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Dolan:

Who´s That Guys
Rip It Up
You Can Have My Husband
Shake Rattle & Roll
Good Golly Miss Molly

…The Queen and The Princess…HOT!…

…the enthusiastic crowd got real Rock´n Roll….

….last song for the ladies…

…meanwhile behind the stage, Kenny & Buck jokin….

….Killer’s climbing the stage stair like a weasel…

…getting some info from Linda Gail…

….flanked by his lovely wife Judith and beautiful Annie he is ready to come out into the spotlights on stage now….

….Rockin´Europe was waiting for a long time to enjoy this moment!!!…

Setlist Jerry Lee Lewis:

Down The Line
You Win Again
Before The Night Is Over
Don´t Put No Headstone On My Grave
Sweet Little Sixteen
Rockin´My Life Away
You Belong To Me
Great Balls Of Fire
Whole Lotta Shakin´Goin´On

….Go Killer, Go!….

…the band & Jerry Lee: Robert Hall (drums), Buck Hutcheson (guitar), Kenny Lovelace (guitar) & Ray Gann (bass)…

Short report from Peter Hayman on the show in Tromso:
Jerry thrilled an enthusiastic crowd on his first visit ever to Tromso. He looked fit and well and he was dressed casually in jeans and jumper. Despite the cold, which none of the musicians including Jerry would have enjoyed, the Killer played a long and thrilling rendition of ´Rockin´My Life Away´ which was probably the highlight of the show. Other songs included Down the Line, You Win Again, Before the Night is Over, Headstone, You Belong to Me, Sweet Little Sixteen (very strong version), Great Balls of Fire and Whole Lotta Shakin´.
Linda Gail and Annie played a short and rocking opening set which put the crowd in a rock and roll mood and ready for the Killer.

…´Killers Strings´: Buck, Kenny & Ray…

Short note by Folke Myrvang:
The killer did a short but rockin´set last night. He was asked to cut his show so the other acts would have time to perform and responded by thundering through his two biggest hits. Jerry looked and sounded great and its obvious that Judith is taking good care of him and that he enjoys life and being back on stage.
Rock on Killer!

…after show treat: Kenny played fiddle…he did Orange Blossom Special!….

…and Buck can tell you stories…

…Stephen & Kenny still jammin´….

….till in the early mornin´!…What a day, folks!

Many thanks to:
Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Dolan, Petter Wessel Bakke, Rune Braeck, Kim Karlson, Peter Hayman & Folke Myrvang!

Jerry Lee Lewis: The Killer Returns To Europe - 2013

14. August 2013


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R.I.P. ´Cowboy´Jack Clement (1931 - 2013)

10. August 2013


The Cowboy & The Killer (2010)


Legendary Nashville singer, songwriter and producer´COWBOY´JACK Henderson CLEMENT, born on 05. April 1931 in Memphis, TN, passed away on 08. August at the ripe old age of 82. Over his long career, he worked with an impressive array of artists, including Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Eddy Arnold, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich, Charley Pride, Louis Armstrong, U2, Tompall & the Glaser Brothers, the Stonemans, John Hartford, Mac Wiseman, Doc Watson, Frank Yankovic, John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Townes Van Zandt, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Ray Charles, Carl Perkins and many others. Most recently, Clement worked as a DJ on Sirius XM Satellite Radio’s Outlaw Country channel. In 1973 Clement was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and was recently named as one of the 2013 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee.


Jack & Johnny

Linda Gail Lewis: CD-Review´Gas Station Flowers´- MAVERICK (UK), July/August 2013

25. Juli 2013



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Jerry Lee Lewis: Today…30 Years Ago - Killer & Orion On Stage Together

22. Juli 2013

On 22. July 1983 Killer played Orion´s Barn Party at Ellis Farms in Orrville, AL.
During the show Jimmy Ellis (aka Orion) came on stage to perform together with Jerry Lee….what a moment in music!


source: on Facebook

Jerry Lee Lewis: New DVD - 27th Music Pioneer Awards

4. Juni 2013

Nu Focus Media via Facebook:
A five song concert DVD of Jerry Lee Lewis´ performance recorded at the 27th Music Pioneer Awards 2012 in Memphis Tennessee on world famous Beale Street to benefit the construction of Music Heritage center and home for senior musicians is now available on:

Please note: They offer a DVD-R!

Linda Gail Lewis: New Album ´Gas Station Flowers´ Review - Rock´n Roll MusicMagazine, June 2013

3. Juni 2013


Thanks to H.-G. Hartig!

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Linda Gail Lewis: Fire-Ball Mail Album Review ´Gas Station Flowers´ by Martin Bates

31. Mai 2013


Exclusiv for ´Fire-Ball Mail´, famous fan club magazine of the International Jerry Lee Lewis Fan-Club since 50 years, Martin Bates wrote a review about the new album of Linda Gail Lewis ´Gas Station Flowers´.

Gas Station Flowers

unbenannt-7200 This is the new CD by Linda Gail Lewis. On-line fans have been hearing about it & had the chance to pre-order signed copies; there have been radio tie-ins and a good deal of publicity – and the end result is well worth it. Not surprisingly it has been announced that the first pressing has sold out.
The disc is well presented with a colour booklet featuring some great photos on stage at Rolf Bressers’ Kinodrom and from the recording sessions, as well as a short bio written by Pierre Penone. Rolf Bresser is the Producer of the CD,recorded in Germany.

The music is an excellent choice reflecting the talents of Linda Gail;
The set opens with a driving rocker (no pun intended) named ‘Cadillac Rock’ with the trademark ‘pumping’ piano very much in evidence; ‘Love Keeps Callin’ is another up-tempo track, but given a lighter touch. The title track ‘Gas Station Flowers’ will be a sure fire winner at live shows, certainly here in the U.K. – the girls will identify with this one. A really catchy tune. Track 4 is ‘Till Honky Gets Tonky Again’ & is mid-tempo country & delivered with great style by LGL, a little tongue in cheek, I think. ‘Big Bayou’ is a bit of a mish mash, lyrically- taking in various iconic American cities & linking them through a tale of hard work and bad luck. Nevertheless it´s a bit of fun & punctuated by some timely rim shots it moves along at pace. As is Linda Gails´ custom, despite the speed of the track, the vocal is delivered with every word pronounced clearly..
The next track is probably my favourite – ‘Dreams of You’ and is a great song beautifully sung; Linda has great range & I don´t know how you would class this one; Similar, to me, to ‘Something Beautiful’ or ‘Wait Till I get You In My Dreams’ from her extensive back catalogue.

‘Dark And Lonely Road’ follows, and is an LGL original, that daughter Annie featured on her own ‘Heart To Heart’ CD. Another rocking performance - probably a bit more aggressive than the version by Annie. Great guitar on this track – I guess from Andy Williams, although no name check on this occasion. unbenannt-1200
As I understand it the tracks were recorded pretty much ‘live’ by the ensemble, although another guitarist – Matthias Fleige- is named with ‘guitar overdubbing’ in the credits.

I was fortunate enough to attend the special show at the Kinodrom in August of 2011. I remember hearing Linda singing ‘Pretty Little Pictures’ with Andy Williams one evening before the show; I´m really pleased to have it on this CD; it´s another LGL composition , this time written with Annie. As well as a reminder of a very special time, it´s a great little song with delightful piano & guitar solos. Linda has a little ‘trademark’ thing with her phrasing, when she will delay a word ….as in *always on my ……mind*- many fans will have noticed. Andy echoes this when closing his guitar solo & it´s a nice touch, I think.

Right after that ‘nice’ little song comes the familiar ‘Ubangi Stomp’ just in case you´re getting too settled ! Terrific version by Linda –short, surprising break by the upright bass, and great vocals. ‘Loving Up A Storm’ is also familiar territory. The CD is dedicated by Linda to *my beloved brother*, and she does him justice on this track.

unbenannt-3200 ‘I´ll Be There’ is another fast song delivered with flawless clarity. It opens with piano & the piano pumps along throughout, with some fancy guitar work as well for good measure. Annie takes the lead for the familiar ‘Don´t You Lie To Me’; backing vocals are reminiscent of the original, but the lead vocal is the unique Ms Dolan. Completely different pace for Annie´s next track ‘By Your Side’. A great song –one of a number written by Joakim Arnell on this CD. …beautifully performed all round; one of Annie´s best vocals I think, and delicate piano & guitar solo’s fit the mood perfectly.

There seems to be gospel track on all of LGLs CDs of recent times – this is no exception and this time it´s the hand-clapping ‘Fill My Way Every Day With Love’. Linda’s UK shows often conclude with a rousing gospel finish, and I can see this one fitting right in.
The final track on the CD is ‘Roll On (Clickety Clack)’ and from the opening notes rattles along at express pace. Great fun piece , the vocal bang on the beat, guitar and driving beat…sounds like a genuine studio jam to me ,the untidy ending perhaps reflecting that…rather than a fade-out….but nothing is lost as a result.

On the whole I think this is a superb collection and deserves success.

Martin Bates.

Thank you, Martin!

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