Linda Gail Lewis - Hard Rockin’ Woman! album review by Now Dig This

23. Oktober 2015

Linda Gail Lewis - Hard Rockin’ Woman (2015), front cover

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Album review by Chris Woodford for Now Dig This magazine #391, October 2015!


Now Dig This front cover for issue #391, October 2015

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Linda Gail Lewis - Vintage Rock Magazine Interview 2015

15. Oktober 2015

Interview with Linda Gail Lewis by Randy Fox for Vintage Rock Magazine, November / December issue 2015.





















f.l.t.r. Danny B. Harvey, Annie Marie Lewis, James Riley, Linda Gail Lewis & JM Van Eaton (2015)







Many Thanks to Edward Owen, Randy Vox & Vintage Rock

21. August 1970 - San Antonio, TX - Golden Stallion Dance Hall

22. August 2015

Golden Stallion Dance Hall

On 21. August 1970 Jerry Lee Lewis played at the Golden Stallion Dance Hall in San Antonio, TX.
At the time the Golden Stallion on 1500 Akerman Road was one of the big spots to go for country music and a fun place to dance, many popular country acts performed there….a few years later, an Auto Auction bought the Stallion.
Below some impression of Killer’s show there in pictures….unfortunately no show report available at the moment.

Photo Credit: unknown

Photo Credit: unknown

Photo Credit: unknown

Photo Credit: unknown

Photo Credit: unknown

Photo Credit: unknown

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Kenny Lovelace - New Album ‘Forever Young’ (2015)

17. August 2015


18. August 2015, a special day!
Kenny Lovelace, Jerry Lee Lewis´bandleader for almost 50 years now, will celebrate his 79th birthday and his 3rd solo album (1986 ´Twenty Years Over Night´ & ´Back To Rock´n´Roll´ in 2006) will come on daylight.

Happy Birthday, Ken!

Ken Lovelace in Heiden (Germany), May 2015

Album can be ordered by:

(15 Euro, incl. shipping & handling)


´Forever Young´ is full of great tracks and you can once more listen to how great Kenny and his session musicians are in every field of music. Truly great stuff!

Forever Young
I Can Tell
Have You Ever Been Lonely
Splish Splash
Jim Dandy
Reservation To Heaven’s Inn
Let’s Pray For Peace
Just Because
Rockin’ Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu
Wild Side Of Life
Tomorrow’s Just Another Day
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
I’ll Never Get Tired Of Loving You

Album Video

All the 13 tracks of ‘Forever Young’ got recorded at Rock´n´Rolf Studio in Heiden (Germany) by Kevin Sheahan, producer once more Rolf Bresser.


Kenneth Lovelace

main vocals, lead guitar

Stefan ´Stöpsel´Westermeier
drums, rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Jörg Gleba
mandolin, backing vocals

Kevin Sheahan
bass, accoustic guitars, organ, main vocal track #1, backing vocals


Mixing & mastering, at Kiwi Music Essen (Germany), coverdesign and layout by Kevin Sheahan.


Many Thanks to Ken & Rolf!

06. August 1965 - Holyoke MA - Mountain Park Amusement Center

10. August 2015

Photo Credit: unknown

On 06. August 1965 Jerry Lee Lewis played two shows during a 9-days-tour at the Mountain Park Amusement Center in Holyoke, MA.

Show review by Bruno Le Trividic for ‘Teen Beat Letter’:
On August 6, I take another bus to Holyoke where I am supposed to see Jerry again. He plays in the ballroom of an amusement park. That hall is very nice, very large and very American too, and this time teenagers are authorized to come in to the show, and that changes the climax.

Photo Credit: unknown

I start to get friend with Jerry´s musicians. Morris tells me about the girls in Paris, whom he had appreciated when he came to the ´Guitare d´Or´ show in Paris in 1963. His talks seem to stop there. Anyway, this August 6 I´m going to witness one of the best concert that Jerry ever gave, from the opinion of those who know him much better than I do. I take their word at granted, Jerry got me stunned that night, he left me ´breathless´. The first show was perfect and the audience responded perfectly. The second show was exceptional. Jerry, seeing that the audience was fully supporting him, got wild. Really fantastic. You just had to look at his face to be carried away. Jerry really lives his songs. There is no gimmick in his stage act.

Photo Credit: unknown

He sang: Down the line / Got you on my mind / Rockin´ pneumonia (twice by request from the audience) / This must be the place / High school confidential / High heel sneakers / Crazy arms / Good golly Miss Molly / Tutti frutti / Sexy ways / Whole lotta shakin´goin´on / What´d I say, and for this terrific audience, he played two songs, supposed to be on his country and western LP. One slow song – Remember Me – and a fantastic version of Charlie Rich´s hit – Lonely Weekends..
He finished the show totally exhausted and sweating.

Photo Credit: unknown

We followed Jerry in his dressing room. We talked while drinking impressive quantities of beers and coke. Jerry seemed disappointed by the poor sales of the LP ´The Return of Rock´ and most of all by the single ´Rockin´ Pneumonia´ who he considers as his best on the SMASH label.
In summary, Jerry doesn´t really know what more he should do. But laughing, he added:
« But they didn´t get me, slowly but surely, I´m on my way back ! »

The hotel where Jerry was staying being full, I had to spend the night in Boston, with a long road in Matt Masterson´s Cadillac. Next day, we left again for another show in Fall River.

Photo Credit: unknown

Jerry Lee Lewis - The 80th Birthday Farewell UK Tour 2015

2. Juni 2015


From Rocco Buonvino Productions:
We are proud to announce ‘THE KILLER’ Jerry Lee Lewis returning to UK for a farewell 80th birthday tour.

Tickets go on sale 10am on Friday 12th June. Jerry will be performing at the London Palladium on the 6th Sept and at the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow on the 10th September with guest appearances from James Burton, Steve Cropper & Albert Lee.



Yeah!! Jerry Lee Lewis will return to Europe for some shows in September 2015.
Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Lewis will open Killer’s shows backed by his band The Memphis Beats. Also there special guests include James Burton, Steve Cropper and Albert Lee and many more…all info, details & updates see below.


06. September 2015 (8:00 pm) - London Palladium

Argyll Street,
London, England W1F 7TF

Seating Plan

….only a limited number of Glasgow tickets still available….how to order tickets see below.


10. September 2015 (7:00 pm) - Glasgow Clyde Auditorium

Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre
Finnieston Street
Glasgow, Scotland G3 8YW

Seating Plan

TICKETS (via Ticketmaster)


Upcoming News, Info & Details on here and on Facebook & Website

Video Message by Jerry Lee Lewis

Video Message by Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Lewis

Video Message by James Burton

Albert Lee talks about the Jerry Lee Lewis shows 2015 in the UK

Jerry Lee Lewis - Live at Memphis In May Festiaval 2014


16. July 2015 by Rocco Buonvino Productions:
Update Line-Up - additional stage guests Peter Asher & Ladyva

26. July 2015 by Rocco Buonvino Productions:
New promo Video online.

06. August 2015 by Rocco Buonvino Productions:
London Show, SOLD OUT!

08 August 2015 by THE GUARDIAN:
- newspaper article incl. interview

- Jerry Lee Lewis plays piano during a Guardian photoshoot at ‘The Lewis Ranch’ in Mississippi in late July 2015.

Additional News, Info & Details on here and on Facebook & Website

Jerry Lee Lewis - New Orleans - Jazz & Heritage Festival, 02. May 2015

3. Mai 2015


Killer on stage (photo: Daniel James White)

On 02. May 2015 Jerry Lee Lewis played at the Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans.
His sister Linda Gail and niece Annie Marie Lewis opened his show, all got backed by Killers band The Memphis Beats (Kenny Lovelace - guitar, Buck Hutcheson - guitar, Robert Hall - drums & Ray Gann - bass). All of them did a great job and the audience (a crowd of 180.000) got wild from the first moment on!
Below some details, info, links, pics, videos etc. of the show.

Kenny & Robert right before the show (photo: Daniel James White)

Buck & Kenny on stage right before the show (photo: Daniel James White)

Buck & Ray on stage right before the show (photo: Daniel James White)

The Memphis Beats are almost ready for the show now! (photo: Daniel James White)

The show starts with Linda Gail, Annie Marie & The Memphis Beats
(photo: Daniel James White)

Setlist Linda Gail Lewis:
Shake Rattle And Roll
Good Golly Miss Molly
Rip It Up

Killer on stage (photo: Judith Coghlan Lewis)

Killer on stage (photo: Daniel James White)

Setlist Jerry Lee Lewis:
Down The Line
C.C. Rider
Drinkin´Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
You Win Again
Before The Night Is Over
Don´t Put No Headstone On My Grave
Roll Over Beethoven
Whole Lotta Shakin´Goin´On
Great Balls Of Fire

Killer on stage (photo: Linda Gail Lewis)

Killer on stage (photo: Daniel James White)

You Win Again, Whole Lotta Shakin´Goin´On & Great Balls Of Fire got aired by AXS-TV.

Killer on stage (photo: Carolyn Coghlan Gremillion)

Killer on stage (photo: Daniel James White)

One of the first show reports by Best Of New Orleans online:
´Jerry Lee Lewis, a few months shy of 80 years old, strolled onto the Acura Stage wearing a white jacket, tie and loafers with a maroon shirt and gold-tipped cane, which he waved to the crowd to say hello. *We got a flock of people here!*…..

Killer on stage (photo: Daniel James White)

Killer on stage (photo: Linda Gail Lewis)

´….Lewis removed a big ring and shoved it into his pocket before ripping into his grand piano for *Move on Down the Line*,*Drinkin´Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee* and *Before The Night Is Over* (which he concluded by slamming his hand on the piano and exclaiming, ´Mercy!´). He suggested he´d rather have a solid gold monument than a headstone and wrapped a brief set with *C.C. Rider*,*Roll Over Beethoven*,*Whole Lotta Shakin´Goin´On* and *Great Balls of Fire* before exiting 15 minutes before the advertised closing time….´

Killer on stage (photo: Linda Gail Lewis)

Killer on stage (photo: Daniel James White)

´…Lewis, born in Feriday, Louisiana, seemed frail as he walked but was comfortable as ever wailing and rolling into the ivories, including his signature stacatto shredding into the high notes. Though his voice has withered, he still smiled, joked and tossed in his goofy stutters and lyrical nonsense while sending lightning bolts into his fast-fingered playing.´

For full article click: HERE

Killer on stage (photo: Linda Gail Lewis)

Sir Elton John, Judith Coghlan Lewis & Jerry Lee Lewis backstage at the Festival
(photo: Judith Coghlan Lewis)

Sir Elton John said while meeting Jerry Lee Lewis backstage´that this was one of the highlights of his life´and later on stage he told the audience that it was one of his biggest honors to follow a hero of his and a living legend!

Linda Gail Lewis & Jerry Lee Lewis backstage (photo: Judith Coghlan Lewis)

Jerry Lee Lewis and his wife Judith backstage (photo: Judith Coghlan Lewis)

My thanks goes to Linda Gail Lewis, Judith Coghlan Lewis, Daniel James White, Carolyn Coghlan Gremillion, Tex Johan….and of course to the one and only Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis for givin’ once more such a wild & rockin’ performance to the audience & his fans! Thank y’all!

CANCELLATION: Jerry Lee Lewis & Chubby Checker - New York - Theatre at Westbury - 10. April 2015

8. April 2015


The Ultimate Legends Of Rock & Roll Jerry Lee Lewis & Chubby Checker Show (feat. Linda Gail Lewis & Annie Marie Lewis) on Friday 10. April 2015 at the Theatre at Westbury in New York has been cancelled.

Kay Martin via Facebook (08. April 2015):
´Unfortunately, the relief that Jerry got from that recent back operation was merely temporary. He is in the hospital now and cannot walk. Hoping he gets some relief SOON…. but until then, no shows… I know he is sad not only for himself, but for all the fans who really want to see him. This Friday’s Westbury, New York show is cancelled; don’t know about the New Orleans Jazz Festival yet. Sorry, folks….
My heart is broken because I was counting on seeing him….´

Official statement by Jerry Lee Lewis’ agent (08. April 2015):
´To all my fans…my bad back just gave out on me again and my doctor has ordered me to rest it before I can travel. I will make up this show as soon as I am able. - The Killer´

NYCB Theatre at Westbury website (08. April 2015):
´ Please Note: This event has been canceled. Refunds at Point of Purchase only. Internet & Phone orders will automatically be canceled & refunded.´



Thanks to Kay!

05. April 1964 - Hamburg (GER) - Star Club

5. April 2015



Jerry Lee Lewis plays two shows at the Star Club, in Hamburg, Germany. This is a return after the one-week engagement of 1963. The show is recorded by Philips for release in June 1964 on a live album, except for two songs (You Win Again / I´m On Fire) and one issued separately (Down the line).




Horst D.Fischer & Klaus Möbus for Shaking Keyboard:

´On April 5th Jerry appeared at the Star Club in Hamburg. Jerry´s first show began at 9:00 pm and he was backed by The Nashville Teens. The Teens opened with old Berry’s Johnny B. Goode, Beautiful Delilah, Back in the USA etc…. When Jerry appeared on stage, hell was let loose. Jerry started with DOWN THE LINE. Then he played YOU WIN AGAIN, HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL, YOUR CHEATING HEART, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, WHAT’D ISAY part 1 and 2, and MEAN WOMAN BLUES. This was the end of the first show.´




Interview by Klaus-Dieter Fischer for Teenage Letter:
KDF: Do you enjoy to be in Hamburg and what do you think of the audience?
JLL: I´m glad to appear at the Star Club for the 2nd time, especially because the audience is so wild. I’m sorry that I have to be so near the microphone, but the recording has to be good (Jerry was recording his live LP). This of course is a handicap for me.
KDF: You were yesterday in Berlin, what was the reception like?
JLL: Marvellous, so wild. Some people even pushed on the stage and played on the piano and others were dancing on the stage.
KDF: How many gold discs have you got and how many copies of What’d I Say were sold?
JLL: I´ve got 4 gold discs. In the near future I´ll be getting a 5th for You Win Again. What´d I Say has sold 600.000 copies. The Smash LP Is selling like hot cakes.
KDF: Will you visit France, Sweden and Holland, you are a star there?
JLL: No, I´ll return to the USA.
KDF: London Records has released in Scandinavia Bonnie B, When I Get Paid and In The Mood. Bonnie B got to 3rd place in the hit parade and In The Mood up to 19th
JLL: I’m glad to hear the news.
KDF: You have sung in Birmingham, England, a fantastic version of Hound Dog. Will you sing this for us in the 2nd show?
JLL: Yes, of course.

In the 2nd show, Jerry sang some more numbers which were recorded for the LP. Jerry played with his foot on the piano and rocked so wild that no rock and roll star would be able to follow him.




Report by Horst-Dieter Fischer:




Thanks to Horst-Dieter!

05. April 1958 - Grand Rapids, MI - Auditorium

4. April 2015