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08. February 1971 - The Mike Neun Show broadcast on CBC

Mittwoch, den 16. November 2016

A new Jerry Lee Lewis video came out to public finally.
On 08. February 1971 Jerry Lee Lewis was the special guest on the CBC Vancouver TV series broadcast ‘The Mike Neun Show’.
The show got filmed on 06. February at North Vancouver Centennial Centre, produced by Ken Gibson.
The Mike Neun Show was a 26-week CBC series [...]

28. July 1971 - Attica, IN - Harvest Valley

Sonntag, den 31. Juli 2016

On 28. July 1971 Jerry Lee Lewis played two shows in Attica, Indiana. He got backed by his sister Linda Gail, Ken Lovelace, Bill Strom, Ed Debruhl, Larry Estes, Buddy Church and Charles Owens.
For additional facts, info & details read the article Pierre Pennone wrote for Fireball-Mail mag.

The Daily Ledger Tribune (19.July 1971):
┬┤Recording Star arrived [...]