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17. May 1972 - Stockholm (SWE) - Kungliga Tennishallen

Dienstag, den 17. Mai 2016


Killer on his way to the stage

video snippets & interview (upload by Federico Fichera)

Killer’s waiting for the show on stage
On 17. May 1972 Jerry Lee Lewis plays a show at the Kungliga Tennishallen in Stockholm, Sweden. His very first show in Stockholm.

on his way to the piano

The Killer got backed by Linda Gail Lewis and [...]

12. February 1972 - Houston, TX - The Apollo 14 Honour

Freitag, den 11. März 2016

On 12. February 1972 Jerry Lee Lewis received quite an honor when he played Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, TX.
The first music ever played on the moon was Jerry Lee´s, because he´d recorded a special 30 minutes tape for the astronauts of the recent Apollo 14 flight to the moon (31.January 1971 - 09.February 1971).
Air [...]

14. January 1972 - Mercury Recording Session

Samstag, den 14. Januar 2012

Today in 1972, on 14th of January, The Killer had a recording session at Mercury Custom Studio, 1512 Hawkins Street, in Nashville with producer Jerry Kennedy. Jerry Kennedy played some guitar too.
Beside Jerry Lee Lewis and Jerry Kennedy was there Herman Wade (gtr), Harold Bradley (gtr), Dale Sellers (gtr), Pete Drake (steele gtr), Bob [...]