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22. - 26. May 1975 - Indianapolis, IN - Stage One Entertainment Center

Freitag, den 27. Mai 2016

on stage, hands on piano fiddle in preparation
From 22. May on Jerry Lee Lewis plays five nights (ten shows) at the Stage One Entertainment Center, in Indianapolis, IN, during the week of the Indy 500 car Race.

on stage with fiddle

Linda Gail Lewis & Memphis Beats, opening of the second show
Gail Hyatt:
Back at Stage One in [...]

23.March 1975 - Chicago, IL - International Amphitheater

Montag, den 23. März 2015

Still sleepy, Jim, Linda and l arrived at the Inter¬≠national Airport about 9:20 and everyone else, except Jerry Lee was already there. The Killer arrived about 10:00 and we then prepared to take off. Les, Jerry’s pilot, found trouble with radio communication and we had to wait for repair of the plane’s radio before take-off. [...]