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Jerry Lee Lewis: The Cafe & Honky Tonk Opening Parade at Beale Street in Memphis on 27. April 2013 in Pictures

Sonntag, den 28. April 2013

Killer is in town with his Rolls

Getting ready that Rolls for the parade

Linda Gail Lewis just before the parade

Parade with wife Judith and mayor A C Wharton

Jerry Lee Lewis, his wife Judith and mayor A C Wardon just talkin before the handover ceremony

handover ceremony posing

After the ceremony, Killer flanked by the lovely ladies Linda Gail [...]

Linda Gail Lewis: Special Radio Broadcast on KHXI-FM 99.9

Samstag, den 27. April 2013

On Sunday 28th April, 4:30PM CT (5:30PM NYC, 10:30PM London, 11:30 PM Paris) will go on air a Special Radio Broadcast with Linda Gail´s Music and interview by Bob Williams on KHXI-FM Radio.

Message by DJ Bob Williams:
Hey Gang…On April 28th on *That´s Entertainment*, I have the honor and privilege of interviewing a great artist and [...]

Jerry Lee Lewis: Opens Up About His Life And New Cafe On Beale

Samstag, den 27. April 2013

(Nesbit, MS) At 77 years young, Jerry Lee Lewis is known to fans simply as the killer for his songs and the way he tickles the ivory.
´I created my own style. My momma and daddy taught me. They played piano, too. They didn´t play like I play´,Lewis said.
Fans say nobody plays piano like Jerry Lee. [...]

Jerry Lee Lewis, Linda Gail Lewis, Annie Marie Dolan & The Memphis Beats: Live at Beale Street Music Festival 2011 - The Full Show Video!

Freitag, den 26. April 2013

George Jones (1931 - 2013) R.I.P.

Freitag, den 26. April 2013

George Jones (September 12, 1931 - April 26, 2013) was truly one of a kind. He will be missed by us all. Who´s gonna fill his shoes? I´m not sure anybody ever can.
Rest in peace, Mr. Jones! We love you!

source: Old Farts & Jackasses


Montag, den 22. April 2013

( Posted on April 19, 2013 by Tim Prosser for iponymous-blog)
Toward the end of 1966 we were working the club circuit in the North of England. We happened to be playing in Leeds when it was brought to our attention that Tom´s idol, Jerry Lee Lewis, was performing at a hall in the same [...]

Eddie Cochran: A sad day 53 years ago….Memories by Vince Eager

Mittwoch, den 17. April 2013

Singer Vince Eager has been recalling the day 53 years ago when his friend Eddie Cochran died in a Bath hospital.
He and Paulton-based record producer Alan Wilson recently visited the memorial stone remembering Cochran´s death at St Martin´s Hospital.
The memorial stone was originally set up by the Eddie Cochran Memorial Trust Fund, and took Eager [...]

Jerry Lee Lewis: Cafe & Honky Tonk Opening and Interviews

Dienstag, den 16. April 2013

Move over Beale Street. Jerry Lee Lewis is coming back to Memphis with a parade and a restaurant set to open (softly) on April 23.
The official opening will be April 27 following a 4 p.m. welcoming parade down Beale Street to move the Killer´s piano, motorcycle, and memorabilia into Jerry Lee Lewis´ Cafe & Honky [...]

Chuck Berry: South America Tour 2013

Freitag, den 12. April 2013

Chuck Berry & Patrick Rocher in Curitiba (Brazil) today
Chuck Berry arrived in South America yesterday and after a day of resting he is ready to play his first show of his 2013 South America Tour to day in Curitiba at the Positivo! Let´s Rock!
South America 2013 Tour Dates:
12.April 2013 - Curitiba, Brazil - Positivo
14.April 2013 [...]

Cowboy Jack Clement: Happy 82th Birthday!

Freitag, den 5. April 2013