Monatsarchiv für März 2015

31. March 1958 - New York City - Loew´s Paradise Theater

Dienstag, den 31. März 2015

Killer played at Alan Freed’s BIG BEAT tour show on 31. March 1958 at Loew´s Paradise Theater, Bronx (NYC).

(with Loretta Prato & Kay Martin)

(with Elaine Berman)

(with Kay Martin)

(with Loretta Prato)

(with Kay Martin, Loretta Prato & Elaine Berman)
Pictures by Kay Martin & JLL IFC

Jerry Lee Lewis - The 80th Birthday Fans Gift

Dienstag, den 31. März 2015

On September 29th 2015 Jerry Lee Lewis celebrates his 80th Birthday and his 60th year in the music business. To honour this milestone the worldwide fans will be buying Jerry Lee a gift a small token of our appreciation for all the fantastic music, energy, passion and showmanship he has given his fans for the [...]

Jerry Lee Lewis live at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2015 - Update

Freitag, den 27. März 2015

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival just announced that Jerry Lee Lewis & band is going to play the Acura Stage at Jazzfest 2015 on May 2nd for one hour starting 3:05 pm! It´ll be a piano day at Acura Stage and his sister Linda Gail Lewis & niece Annie Marie Lewis will open the [...]

23.March 1975 - Chicago, IL - International Amphitheater

Montag, den 23. März 2015

Still sleepy, Jim, Linda and l arrived at the Inter­national Airport about 9:20 and everyone else, except Jerry Lee was already there. The Killer arrived about 10:00 and we then prepared to take off. Les, Jerry’s pilot, found trouble with radio communication and we had to wait for repair of the plane’s radio before take-off. [...]

Linda Gail Lewis live at The Spice Of Life, London (UK) 16. March 2015

Dienstag, den 17. März 2015

Linda Gail rocks on Dave Travis’s big day!
(by Nick Cobban, 17. March 2015)
You´d better hold on to your hats when Linda Gail Lewis breezes into town. It was, last night at the Spice of Life in central London, when she produced an excellent set of rock and roll and country music which set this packed [...]

Jerry Lee Lewis: Today….in 2004!

Sonntag, den 1. März 2015

Jerry Lee Lewis in Amsterdam 2004
(by Tex Johan)
After an absence of over 3,5 years Jerry Lee finally performs in Holland again. This time at the (within a week!) sold out world famous Paradiso in Amsterdam (1500 extremely enthusiastic fans there) and I got Jerry the booking, did most of the promotion and organized the pre-show [...]