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21. August 1970 - San Antonio, TX - Golden Stallion Dance Hall

Samstag, den 22. August 2015

Golden Stallion Dance Hall
On 21. August 1970 Jerry Lee Lewis played at the Golden Stallion Dance Hall in San Antonio, TX.
At the time the Golden Stallion on 1500 Akerman Road was one of the big spots to go for country music and a fun place to dance, many popular country acts performed there….a few years [...]

Kenny Lovelace - New Album ‘Forever Young’ (2015)

Montag, den 17. August 2015

18. August 2015, a special day!
Kenny Lovelace, Jerry Lee Lewis´bandleader for almost 50 years now, will celebrate his 79th birthday and his 3rd solo album (1986 ´Twenty Years Over Night´ & ´Back To Rock´n´Roll´ in 2006) will come on daylight.
Happy Birthday, Ken!

Ken Lovelace in Heiden (Germany), May 2015
Album can be ordered by:
(15 Euro, incl. shipping [...]

06. August 1965 - Holyoke MA - Mountain Park Amusement Center

Montag, den 10. August 2015

Photo Credit: unknown
On 06. August 1965 Jerry Lee Lewis played two shows during a 9-days-tour at the Mountain Park Amusement Center in Holyoke, MA.
Show review by Bruno Le Trividic for ‘Teen Beat Letter’:
On August 6, I take another bus to Holyoke where I am supposed to see Jerry again. He plays in the ballroom of [...]