Jerry Lee Lewis: Mean Old Man Album Review (4)


Jerry Lee Lewis´ album *Mean Old Man* released

The new album of Jerry Lee Lewis, *Mean Old Man* was released on Tuesday and across the world the media is covering the interviews of the 74-year-old Killer.
*Mean Old Man* is available in ten or eighteen track editions that contain collaborations with everyone from Mick Jagger to Sheryl Crow and to Tim McGraw. The album also covers some classic songs like *Roll over Beethoven* with Ringo Starr and John Mayer, and *Bad Moon Rising* with John Fogerty.
USA Today covers an interesting profile of Lewis and also his daughter Phoebe. His daughter says, ´When he´s gone, I´ll go ahead and die, too´, she jokes. ´I want to get as far away from the music business as I can. But I will guard his legacy. I will not let him become an Elvis with silly, tacky junk. I´m mortified when I see that merchandise all over Memphis. It´s become laughable. Elvis doesn´t deserve that.´
A longtime disciple, collaborator and friend Kris Kristofferson praises him saying, ´He´s one of the best American voices ever, and I´m not sure people recognize what a great singer he is. It was always his rambunctious activities that made the headlines. The fact that he´s singing as strong as ever is incredible. We´re the lucky ones, because he could have quit a long time ago.´
Los Angeles Times gives a positive review about his album.

source: eWorld

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