Jerry Lee Lewis: In December 54 Years Ago - The Comet Starts

45-sun-259asideorgJerry´s first Sun record came out 01. December 1956, *Crazy Arms*/*End Of The Road*. It was an up-tempo country song backed with an upbeat boogie and it was the fasted any Sun disc had ever been pressed & shipped - five days from demo to distribution. The record didn´t make the national charts but it sold well in the South and received good reviews from the music trade weeklies, Billboard and Cashbox. Locally, it sold 75 000 copies in the Memphis area alone, and would eventually go over 250 000 copies within a year.



45-sun-259bsideorgBy December of 1956, as Sam Phillips released Killers SUN 259 on his label, Phillips had seen huge development with his little record company the past twelve months since Elvis left him. The year started with the first million-selling Sun hit from Carl Perkins with his third record, and that was followed with Sun´s second million-selling hit from Johnny Cash with his third record. A new guy from Texas named Roy Orbison shot half-way up the pop chart with his first Sun record, and then newcomer Warren Smith had some chart success with a couple of Sun records. Both Perkins and Cash placed several other singles on the charts becoming Sun´s top artist of the year. As Sam closed the year with his last release of 1956, Jerry´s *Crazy Arms*, he didn´t know it then, but Jerry Lee Lewis was going to become his biggest discovery ever.

Many thanks to Paul MacPhail!

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