Jerry Lee Lewis: Live at Naples Philharmonic Center For The Arts, 10.February 2011

poster1250Jerry Lee Lewis, the true King of Rock´n´Roll, played a wonderful 45 minutes performance with his hits in a sold out show in Naples (FL).
Before, Linda Gail Lewis rocked the joint for 20 minutes with a super high energy show, backed by her daughter Annie-Marie Dolan and Killers band The Memphis Beats.

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Killer on stage in Naples

Down the line
You win again
Before the night is over
Drinkin´ wine spo-dee-o-dee
Don´t put no headstone on my grave
Rockin´ my life away
Roll over Beethoven
She even woke me up to say goodbye
Great balls of fire
Whole lotta shakin´goin´on

Peter Hayman wrote a small review:

Jerry Lee did great at Naples. Jerry looked great and sounded great and his piano playing was absolutely superb!
Yes,it´s always excellent, but this time he played ´more´. More backing piano (behind his singing and the guitars),more solos and also some ´different´ solos (such as on Headstone).
We can learn more about piano playing on one song from Jerry (such as Headstone), than a whole concert by ANYONE else.
In fact, I think I have read somewhere that 10 seconds of Jerry Lee Lewis playing piano is worth a whole concert by anyoneone else. I think I am inclined to agree. Jerry”’’s piano playing is so special,so tasteful and musical-the quality just shines through.Other musicians respect him as being the ´best´.
It might be possible for other entertainers to put on a lively,energetic and entertaining show and I do enjoy other piano playing entertainers too, but Jerry is in a class of his own. His piano playing can withstand scrutiny. This year is going to be a good one for Jerry.
I haven´t heard him sing or play better in recent memory.

Thanks to Peter!

backstage (from left): Bill Taylor, Jerry Lee Lewis, Duke Danger and Linda Gail Lewis

source: Jerry Lee Lewis Forum

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