Linda Gail Lewis: Newsletter - March 2011


Hey Everybody……..
it´s almost spring and I´m really looking forward to seeing you at the gigs that are coming up. We start our tour in Sweden and go on to Holland and the U.K. Our first gigs of 2011 were in Sweden and Norway. We made some new friends and had a great time. We returned to the USA to do 2 shows with my brother. Annie and I have been touring with Jerry for 3 years in Europe, but this was our first time to play with him in America. I lost my passport at the airport in Atlanta! I had to sit on the floor and empty my hand bag! What a sight that must have been! I´m happy to say that our fellow Americans were a really good audience! I saw a lot of friends from the 60s and 70s and it was so nice to see Jerry and the gang! I´d like to thank my brother, all of you who put on the shows and all of you who came to see us. We will be in Sweden in the spring and summer then fly back to the USA to be with Jerry and The Memphis Beats. We return for a Xmas tour in Sweden with Cash Is King. I love Christmas, and I love having the chance to do Christmas and Rock´n Roll songs during the holidays. I´m also looking forward to our Fall tour in the U.K. with Some Like It Hot and Swedish summer shows with The Rockarounds, The Refreshments and Dave Edmunds. We´re real excited about that! Keep Rockin´! Love to Everyone……….Linda Gail Lewis

source: Linda Gail Lewis

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