Jerry Lee Lewis: A *Mean Old Man* Party


Some weeks ago I was invited to a friends party and the DJ there started to play an inconspicuous silver slice without to mention what it is….after listen the first tones a flash came over the scene. It was Killer´s music….a song called *Roll On*…. never heard before of him.
After the question ´What´s that!!??´ he said ´Unreleased songs and undubbed versions from Mean Old Man´.
As I said before several times, for me is Jerry Lee Lewis´last album Mean Old Man his best since he left Elektra Label in 1981.
A very well made album with a fine selection of songs which brings over lots of emotions.
What we got that night was incredible. I will try to remember the songs & some notes, although some titles was unknown to me:

Roll On

(one of the ´coolest numbers´ I ever heard, written by JJ Cale)

Bright Lights Big City
(blues with backing vocals, Jimmy Reed song)

Sweet Virginia
(version without Keith Richard, written by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards, recorded first by The Rolling Stones in ´71)


(bluesy number with famous piano & guitar parts, written by Bob Dylan and Helena Springs, first played by Bob late in ´78)

Release Me
(without Gilian Welch, JLL recorded it several times over the decades, written by Eddie Miller, W.S. Stevenson, Dub Williams & Robert Young)

CC Rider
(well known blues, such a cool piano version)

Middle Age Crazy
(heard different versions that night without Tim McGraw & Jon Brion, by Sonny Thockmorton, Killer did it for Mercury Label already and several times live)

You Are My Sunshine

(only Killers voice, great song, written by Jimmie Davis & Charles Mitchell)

Folsom Prisom Blues
(again different versions there, Jerry Lee plays the guitar and sings, well known song by Cash, Killer recorded it for Elektra Label already)

I Love You´Cause You´re Crazy Like Me
(unknown song to me, a country song with backing vocals and without piano)

Little Queenie
(different versions of that well known song there, written by Chuck Berry, Killer played and recorded that song a lot over the decades)

Whisky River
(version without Willie Nelson, first by Johnny Bush in ´72, later well known by Willie)

Here Comes That Rainbow Again
(only Jerry sings, first by Kris Kristofferson in´81)

I Really Don´t Want To Know

(without Gilian Welch, fantastic song, written by Don Robertson & Howard Barnes and well known by other artists like Les Paul and Mary Ford in 1953, Eddy Arnold in 1954 and Elvis Presley 1971. Mickey Gilley recorded this song in 1982 for his Epic album *Put Your Dreams Away*. Jason & the Scorchers offered an alt country version on their 1985 album *Lost and Found*)

Sick And Tired
(wow!, Killer rocks this ole Domino song and plays Boogie Woogie piano)

Watching The Wheels
(singing by a for me unknown female singer, if I´m right John Lennon did that song in 1980 for his ´Double Fantasy´ album)

House Of Blue Lights
(two versions there, classic boogie by Jerry Lee and pickin´Kenny Lovelace on guitar, a highlight to me, written by Don Raye & Freddie Slack)

Faded Love
(never heard before & don´t know whether that is the right title, great country song with piano & fiddle playing)

You Can Have Her
(Killers voice overdub for a country rocker song, a highlight at MOM album)

Come Sundown (She´s Gone)
(classic country song, Kris Kristofferson wrote that song, recorded it in 1969 and Bobby Bare released it at first in 1970)

Mean Old Man
(well known, written by K. Kristofferson)

Hold You In My Heart
(without Shelby Lynne, Eddie Arnold co-wrote that song and recorded it in 1947, Elvis Presley too in 1969)

Up On Cripple Creek

(country song without piano, fine guitars & fiddle there, written by Robbie Robertson, first release in 1969 by The Band)

Dead Flowers
(well known from album, only Killer sings, written by Jagger & Richards, first recorded for Stones´album Sticky Fingers)

Good Love (Shouldn´t Feel So Bad)

(wonderful classic country song, one of the best I ever heard, written by, again, Kris Kristofferson and recorded by him in 1995)

I Don´t Do It No More

(fine, guitar lasted, country duet & Killer piano, written by Shel Silverstein and first sung by Waylon Jennings)

Mississippi Kid
(another highlight!, a country rocker, written by Al Kooper, Ronnie Van Zant & Bob Burns and first released in 1973 at Lynyrd Skynyrd´s first album)

Keep Me In Mind
(unknown song to me and maybe wrong named here, a wonderful country song with pickin´ Kenny on guitar)

Bad Moon Rising
(well known, without John Fogerty, who wrote that song)

Rockin´My Life Away
(one of Killers most played songs, here only Jerry Lee, written by Mack Vickery)

Peace In The Valley

(great gospel, Tommy Dorsey wrote that song for Mahalia Jackson in 1939, a million seller for Red Foley)

Money (That´s What I Want)
(legendary song when you remember the StarClub album for example, a ´bonus´ song for MOM featured by Levi Kreis - here without Kreis, I don´t miss him, written by Berrie Gordy Jr. & Janie Bradford)

Good Golly Miss Molly

(a well known classic rocker, great version with mouth organ & Kenny on guitar, by Blackwell & Marascello)

…every song different to the released album versions. Especially such songs like Roll On, Sick And Tired or Good Love came really surprisingly to me.
Was also confirmed by, Jerry Lee Lewis wouldn´t need duet partners to made a brilliant album. Surely the right decision to sell an album, like it was for Last Man Standing 2006, but there is so much Killer´s music it would reach for ´monument albums´ of the True King, he is!, himself.
At last to say is, it was an incredible and unforgettable night, I´m thankful, and viewed on Jerry Lee Lewis´upcoming doing, like the recording of a new live album with Jack White, it gives me the hope to get all those fantastic songs official released for all the fans around the world…..someday.

Thanks to all who was involved to made it possible to got this experience!


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  1. Peter Checksfield

    Great post! : )

    I´ve also been lucky enough to have heard these, & here´s a few additional comments on some songs:

    Bright Lights Big City
    This appears to be the LMS bonus track that we’ve heard before (I wonder if any other of these songs actually originate from the LMS sessions?).

    A fantastic pure blues performance, similar to the unreleased Elektra track ‘Milk Cow Blues’. Solomon Burke recorded this on an album a few years back, so I’m guessing that someone (probably big Solomon Burke fan Phoebe Lewis) found the song on there.

    CC Rider
    I love the shuffle-beat of this version, great harmonica too.

    I Love You´Cause You´re Crazy Like Me
    I wouldn´t call this country exactly, modern rock & roll (it reminds me a bit of ‘Daughters Of Dixie’). Shame that this only features a rough ´guide vocal´ where Jerry’s attempting to learn the words.

    Little Queenie
    If they release this they´ll probably overdub it with Kid Rock´s ´singing´ unfortunately.

    Sick And Tired
    Possibly even better than the Sun cut, this ROCKS!!!

    House Of Blue Lights
    This is as good as the other 3 versions (Mercury, Rocket & Youngblood), very good indeed!

    Faded Love
    Not to be confused with the Patsy Cline classic of the same name, this mid-tempo country song is a real highlight for me.

    Come Sundown (She´s Gone)
    I can easily imagine Jerry recording this during the 1969-1971 era, though this version is far too short.

    Up On Cripple Creek
    I particularly like Jerry´s yodelling on this!

    I Don´t Do It No More
    A duet with Tim McGraw (I think?).

    Mississippi Kid
    A real highlight! It has that solid-mid-to-fast rock & roll tempo similar to ‘Late Night Lovin’ Man’ & ‘Teenage Queen’.

    Rockin´My Life Away
    Much better without Kid Rock & Slash! With female backing vocals & harmonica it has an ‘Odd Man In’ feel to it.

    Peace In The Valley
    Featuring just Jerry, his piano & an unknown female singer (no band), I think this works far better than ‘Life’s Railway To Heaven’ (featured on the official MOM album).

    Good Golly Miss Molly
    This surprised me! I didn´t think Jerry could sing this anymore, but it rocks nearly as hard as those rock medleys Jerry often did during the early 90s.

    To conclude, it´s obvious to me that there´s a FAR superior album amongst these tracks than the issued album, with it´s (sometimes) weak material & awful overdubs. Let´s hope that the remaining songs are issued as a JLL solo album.

  2. Tuomas Kurittu

    I also heard these few days ago (good to have helpful friends) and I very much agree with both Peter and Thomas. I like “Mean Old Man” album but I could easily pick at least 15 tracks of these that would make even much better album than “Mean Old Man” and “Last Man Standing” together. Highlights for me was Lynyrd cover “Mississippi Kid” (this may be Jerry Lee”’’s best recording since 1981!), “House Of Blue Lights” (in my opinion even better than Killer”’’s 1974 Mercury version) and “Peace In The Valley” (makes me wish that Jerry would play some more spiritual music nowadays). Even the oldies like “Little Queenie”, “Sick And Tired” and “Good Golly Miss Molly” sounded very fresh. I hope these recordings would see the daylight some day.

  3. admin

    Thank you guys for the comments with your opinions.


  4. Johannes

    great to see that these recordings are going to be heard. i really don´t understand why (artistically) they did make faked duets out of most of the released cuts. this recordings make two (old fashioned 11 tracks each) wonderful country albums, this could have been far better lps than the released MOM. anyway, at least we can listen to those songs now

  5. David Juan


    I would really love to hear those outtakes!! anyone could swap them? please mail me!!!

  6. admin

    New report about these songs by Argentinian fan Fernando Gil.
    Check it out at his website:
    Thank you Fernando!


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