Kenny Lovelace: Happy 75th Birthday!

shapeimage_7Kenneth Lovelace was born August 18, 1936 in Cloverdale, Alabama.
It was a small community about twelve miles north of Florence, Alabama, where he and all of his family worked on a farm.
Ken had two sisters and one brother.
With the encouragement of his mother and father Ken started to play the mandolin when he was just 4 years old. A little later he wanted to play the guitar so his mother taught him some chords. And with his sharp ear he caught on quickly.
Then he changed to the fiddle. By the time Ken was 12 he was winning first place at numerous fiddle player´s conventions. Then Ken started playing with local groups in Florence, Alabama and appearing on radio shows. He hooked up with another local group called the *Go-Go-Boys*, that later changed their name to *The Five Jets* and Ken was with them for over 12 years.
They were playing *The Rendezvoåus Club* in Monroe, Louisiana, when they met Jerry Lee Lewis through his sister Linda Gail. shapeimage_5 Jerry caught their show and wanted to hire the whole band, but the other guys couldn´t travel at the time. They had families but Jerry hired Kenneth. Now Ken has been Jerry Lee´s band leader for ´Fourty five years´ and Ken says ´Every one of the years has been great´. Ken is currently still with Jerry Lee and the rest is history.
Ken lives in Nashville, USA with his wife JoAnn.

(source: Official Ken Lovelace Website)

Happy Birthday Kenny!
God bless you!

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