Jerry Lee Lewis: European Tour 2011 Cancellation - Update


27.08.11 - Bethune (F) -Retro Festival
Jerry Lee Lewis will not appear,
Linda Gail Lewis & Some Like It Hot will

31.08.11 - Bocholt (GER) - Kinodrom
Jerry Lee Lewis will not appear

Some Bocholt info for the fans:
The Show is still on!

Ticket handling:
- the places for invited guests by Rolf remains as they are
- the via internet sold tickets can be transferred back, money will be refunded but you can use your ticket for the free party there anyway (confirm that you will attend and if you want a refund at before Sunday)
- the ticket which were sold in Kinodrom directly will be ┬┤money refunded┬┤ by presentation of the tickets at door and you can still attend the party for free. If you want to attend the party, you have to take action before Sunday.
- new tickets orders are for free (within the limits of available places) and they will be available as from Monday.
- On Kinodrom web page, they will write: Your guests will be refunded or transferred back cards get - could freely sit in your seats booked in advance.
This offer is valid until Sunday.
The remaining places will be distributed for free via the radio or can be picked up at Kinodrom - as long as free seats are available.
That means you have to confirm before Sunday that you will attend, otherwise your place will be refunded and your seat will be given for free!
For questions, confirmation that you will attend and refunding issues, please send a mail to explaining what you want. Of course, you can also refuse a refund and only confirm that you will attend if you want to support the German Cancer Fund, this will be very well appreciated, but you have to mention it in your mail to
But, remember, if you want to attend the party/show: you have to re-book (confirm) your venue, otherwise, your place will be given for free as from Monday to those who wants to attend!

Music acts will be:
Linda Gail Lewis & Some Like It Hot
Mississippi Delta Brothers
Kyle Esplin
Stephen Ackles

(more to come!…details later)

03.09.11 - Eindhoven (NL) - Beursgebouw


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