Chuck Berry: Live in Moscow 24. February 2013


One of the founders of Rock´n Roll, Chuck Berry (86), played a sold-out show at the Arena in Moscow last night, 3500 fans got a unforgettable show there.

We have had a great show…CHUCK was amazingly in great shape especially after such long travel ..arriving the same day of the show !!….Everybody was happy and the room of 3500 people sold out !!!…we go early tomorrow back to US….

1) Introduction

2) Roll Over Beethoven

3) Johnny B. Goode

4) Johnny B. Goode (different angle)

5) Instrumental

6) Nadine

7) Honest I Do (con Ingrid Berry)

8. My Ding A Ling (con Ingrid Berry y Charles Berry Jrs)

9) Memphis (with Ingrid Berry)

10) Roll Over Beethoven (different angle)

11) School Days (different angle)

12) Johnny B. Goode (different angle)

13) Instrumental

14) Let It Rock (different angle)

15) Let It Rock (one version)

16) Let It Rock (two version)

17) Reelin´And Rockin´(with Ingrid Berry)

18) Let it rock

Fernando Gil.”-

source: Golden Forum

Many thanks to Fernando & Patrick!

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