Kenny Lovelace - New Album ‘Forever Young’ (2015)


18. August 2015, a special day!
Kenny Lovelace, Jerry Lee Lewis´bandleader for almost 50 years now, will celebrate his 79th birthday and his 3rd solo album (1986 ´Twenty Years Over Night´ & ´Back To Rock´n´Roll´ in 2006) will come on daylight.

Happy Birthday, Ken!

Ken Lovelace in Heiden (Germany), May 2015

Album can be ordered by:

(15 Euro, incl. shipping & handling)


´Forever Young´ is full of great tracks and you can once more listen to how great Kenny and his session musicians are in every field of music. Truly great stuff!

Forever Young
I Can Tell
Have You Ever Been Lonely
Splish Splash
Jim Dandy
Reservation To Heaven’s Inn
Let’s Pray For Peace
Just Because
Rockin’ Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu
Wild Side Of Life
Tomorrow’s Just Another Day
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
I’ll Never Get Tired Of Loving You

Album Video

All the 13 tracks of ‘Forever Young’ got recorded at Rock´n´Rolf Studio in Heiden (Germany) by Kevin Sheahan, producer once more Rolf Bresser.


Kenneth Lovelace

main vocals, lead guitar

Stefan ´Stöpsel´Westermeier
drums, rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Jörg Gleba
mandolin, backing vocals

Kevin Sheahan
bass, accoustic guitars, organ, main vocal track #1, backing vocals


Mixing & mastering, at Kiwi Music Essen (Germany), coverdesign and layout by Kevin Sheahan.


Many Thanks to Ken & Rolf!

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  1. Guy Pelemans


    we””ve already tried to order the cd: Forever Young by sending an email, but we still didn””t get any answer.
    What do we have to do to get the album? At wich accountnumber do we have to pay the 15 euro?

    kind regards,

    Guy Pelemans
    Bosschaertlaan 16
    2960 Brecht

  2. J.R.Harlow

    Hello there,
    Please tell me how to order a copy of Kenny Lovelace c.d. Forever young and total cost and method of payment.
    Thanks for any info.

  3. admin

    Please send private messege here:

    Thanks, Thomas.

  4. admin

    Please send private message here:

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