09. August 1968 - Sunbury On Thames (London, UK) - Jazz & Blues Festival at Kempton Park

9. August 1968, Jerry Lee Lewis played a wild show at Sunbury Jazz & Blues Festival at Kempton Park in London.

at Westminster Hotel, 09. August 1968

with Ken Lovelace at Westminster Hotel, 09. August 1968

at Westminster Hotel, 09. August 1968

at Westminster Hotel, 09. August 1968

at Westminster Hotel, 09. August 1968

at the festival

at the festival

at the festival

at the festival

at the festival

at the festival

at the festival

at the festival

at the festival


Paul MacPhail in his book FERRIDAY FIREBALL:
´Jerry, dressed in a solid gold suit with matching gold shoes and gold bowtie, plays an outdoor concert at the Sunbury Jazz & Blues Festival at Kemton Park in London.
A crowd of over 4000 fans caught his only appereance on this visit to England. It was a racetrack with a huge grandstand.
Jerry and guitarist Ken Lovelace, with the backing of a British Band, put on a terrific performance opening with the rocker *Memphis* and the country ballad *You Win Again*. He follows with *High Heel Sneakers*, his first recording, the country ballad *Crazy Arms*, his own *Lewis Boogie*, the hits *High School Confidential* and *What´d I Say*, and a country ballad *Your Cheating Heart*. Then he rocks into *Great Balls Of Fire* and follows it with his latest #1 country hit *What Made Milwaukee Famous (Made A Loser Out Of Me)*, before ending with his biggest hit *Whole Lotta Shaking*, driving the sedate audience into a state of frenzy before he encored with *Good Golly, Miss Molly*. This song wasn´t finished before there was a riot so frightening, that festival officials feared a mass violence and forced Jerry and the band to leave the stage´









Martin Affleck for Shaking Keyboard:
Sally and I arrived fairly early to find a long, long queue waiting outside. After a few words with Tony Papard and his brother, we headed for the security area…and, by golly, it was. The National Jazz Festival, who were organizing the show, had hired a security organisation, complete with walkie talkies and guard dogs. We managed to get to the organiser´s tent and tried to find out if Jerry´s booking agents were around. We were politely but firmly shown the way out and spent the next hour waiting around outside the artists entrance. We met several friends like Wim de Boer from Holland. At long last, Jerry´s entourage arrived with Jerry in a Zephir hired car. We managed to get in and to get a security badge so that we weren´t liable to be evicted. Jerry was looking as fit as ever, in a dark, golden suit, swigging a glass of Schlitz beer. This was canned in Brooklyn, New York, and the head office of the company is in Milwaukee and printed on the can was´the beer that made Milwaukee famous´. Greetings flowed between us and then I had a word with Jerry´s US companions, leaving Jerry to the mercies of the news hounds. Jerry´s US guitarist was Kenny Lovelace from Florence, AL. He was real friendly and willingly posed for photographs in his deep blue suit. The best description I can find for Kenny is chirpy. He´s full of life; keenly aware of what´s going on around him and always smiling. I then moved on to Dick Thompson, Jerry´s road manager. He was in a brown suit and seemed a bit sombre after Kenny but he was real friendly . Dick lives at Jerry´s home in Memphis. Jerry was free for a moment. Jerry had been late arriving at his hotel due to a mix up with the hired car and it was time for him to go on stage.
The show was in an open air, with just the stage being sheltered by canvas. The first rows of seats had been screened off and were reserved for press but the rockers had burst through this and were all standing at the front of the stage, which was about five feet above the ground. Jerry walked on to a huge cheer from the rock´n´rollers and started into MEMPHIS ! All the old Jerry Lee style followed with hands a pumping, voice a hollering, head a shaking and all the audience a jumping. One sector of the audience seemed more intent on playing ring-a-rosies but they did just about keep time with the beat…they did succeed in knocking over a few of the audience and generally spoiling the view of a portion of the audience. Jerry followed with HIGH HEEL SNEAKERS. Next he said´my first record on the SUN label in 1956´and it was CRAZY ARMS, followed by YOU WIN AGAIN, HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, BLUE SUEDE SHOES, YOUR CHEATING HEART, WHAT´D I SAY with Jerry grabbing the keyboard lid and thumping it against the piano in time to the beat.´My latest record which is shooting up the country charts back home´, he said and it was WHAT´S MADE MILWAUKEE FAMOUS. All through the show so far, the burlies on stage had been keeping the over enthusiastic cats offstage, some being hurled off into the crowd. It was getting uglier all the time and got a fever pitch of coins being thrown and bodies flying during WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN´GOIN´ON. You could see Jerry didn´t like the situation, particularly as someone was going to get hurt and Jerry feels for his fans. Jerry stopped´Shakin´abruptly and asked the crowd to cool it as the burlies were only doing their job and he didn´t want anyone to be hurt. He then stomped into GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY, taking it easy at first and then ripping it up. Jerry was whisked off stage and I got back to his changing tent to find him assailed by reporters and fans wanting autographs.
I went over to Jerry when things quietened down and received a dig in the ribs and a sly´I´m a country singer now. That won´t please a rock´n´roller like you, Martin!´. After a little while Jerry was off to his hotel for some kip, ready for Saturday´s TV rehearsals.










Many Thanks to:
Pierre Pennone
Paul MacPhail
Martin Affleck
Lyndon Needs
Laurens van Houten

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