06. November 1966 - Birmingham (UK) - Hippodrome


During his European tour Jerry Lee and his band played two shows at the Hippodrome in Birmingham (UK) on 06. November 1966.
With him on the tour his friend and road manager Cecil Harrelson and Memphis Beats members Morris Tarrant (drums) and Herman Hawkins (bass). Guitarist Charlie Freeman & organist Dan Daniels didn´t go on the tour because they couldn´t get passports.
Colin Berlin of Capable managment booked all the shows of the tour apart from the Switzerland shows.


Tony Papard for Lewis Scene:
On Sunday November 6th I turned up at the New Victoria cinema in London with my brother and we caught the Fan Club´s special coach up to Birmingham to see Jerry´s show there that nite. Everything went OK until we got about three-quarters of the way up the M1. The coach pulled in at the Blue Boar Service Area and waited and waited. Something had gone wrong with it - a leaky fuel tank I think - and the driver refused to go any further until another coach arrived from London. Anyway we finally arrived at the theater just near Birmingham´s Bullring Center, and the entire coachload of fans swarmed off the coach, charged across the road into the theater, straight past a startled staff in the foyer who looked dazed as we charged by them waving tickets in the air and into the packed auditorium,….


…where the opening strains of *Lovin’ Up A Storm* (Jerry’s second number that night) were ringing out. The excitement in that theater was electric - and up there on stage sat the one and only King of Rock´n´Roll pumpin´the old ivories and hollerin´for all he was worth. As we all rushed down the center aisle cheering, me waving a Confederate flag, most of the audience and Jerry himself looked round to see what was happening - and when they saw it was another contingent of fans the cheering grew even louder. I don´t remember what happened after that except that we all stood cheering and clapping as Jerry rocked thru one great number after another. It was a fantastic show, but only a mild foreshadow of what was to follow the next nite at Wimbledon Theater.


Breathless Dan for his Boppin’ News:
Ooooooh, YEAH!!!! Just got back from five rockin´, boppin´, roliin´, shakin´ shows by the No 1´King Shaker´himself, Jerry Lee Lewis. On Sunday l hauled myself aboard the train to rock on up to Brum. l finally arrived outside the Hippodrome and had been there about 10 minutes when up rolled a couple o´cars a-hootin´and a tootin´containing Breathless Dan, wife Fay, brother Mike, Stuart Smith-Warren, Graham Thomas, etc.
In the 1st house Jerry Lee opened with LITTLE QUEENIE, then came YOU WIN AGAIN, I´m real sorry, but l can´t exactly remember what came next , but l guarantee you it included YOUR CHEATING HEART, HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL, JENNY JENNY , GREAT BALLS OF FIRE and, of course, the immortal SHAKIN´… then we all kept hollerin´for more and , Jerry obliged with a ravin´version of GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY…..


….In the 2nd house Jerry again opened with LITTLE QUEENIE, but included 4 country numbers -YOU WIN AGAIN,YOUR CHEATIN´HEART, FOOLS LIKE ME and GREEN, GREEN GRASS OF HOME. In one house he did MEMPHIS and in the other a ravin´version of HI HEEL SNEAKERS. The 2nd house encore of MISS MOLLY had Jerry atop the piano and Morris atop the drums!


Many Thanks to:
Tony Papard
Dan James Coffey
Pierre Pennone

Photo Credit: unknown

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