31. October 1963 - Nashville, TN - Hermitage Hotel Ballroom

31. Oktober 2016


On 31. October 1963 Jerry Lee Lewis played at the Mercury Halloween Party at the Hermitage Hotel Ballroom in Nashville, TN.
The place was packed with disc jockeys and show business people from radio and t-v.
He got to perform 8 songs while other Mercury artists only sang four songs each.

Killer on piano….Cecil Harrelson, country singer and Shelby Singleton´s first wife Margie Singleton (born as Margaret Louis Ebey) and Jordanaires members Gordon Stoker & Neal Matthews behind


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Paul MacPhail
Mattias Eklundh
Joe Rucker
Ahmed Bou

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16.-22. October 1966 - Bradford (UK) - Lyceum Rainbow Club

25. Oktober 2016

During his European tour from 16. - 22. October 1966 Jerry Lee Lewis played a week at two large clubs in nothern England…the afternoon shows at the Lyceum Rainbow Club in Bradford and the evening shows at the Paradise Club in Guisley. With him on the tour his friend and road manager Cecil Harrelson and Memphis Beats members Morris Tarrant (drums) and Herman Hawkins (bass). Guitarist Charlie Freeman & organist Dan Daniels didn´t go on the tour because they couldn´t get passports. On guitar was Mick Stewart from The New Pirates (Johnny Kidd´s former group).
Colin Berlin of Capable managment booked all the shows of the tour apart from the Switzerland shows.
Below some impressions-in-pictures of the shows of the week at the Lyceum Rainbow Club in Bradford and lots of backstage shots.




















Pictures below taken on Monday, 17. October 1966:

















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Pierre Pennone
Paul MacPhail
Karel Slieker
Peter Checksfield

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October 1966 - London (UK) - President Hotel

23. Oktober 2016

All pictures taken at the President Hotel in London (UK) on 15. or 16. October 1966.

























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Dezo Hoffman
Glynn Morris

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16. August 1988 - London, ON - Dr. Rocket´s

23. Oktober 2016

On 16. August 1988 Jerry Lee Lewis played a show at Dr. Rocket´s in London, Ontario during his Canada tour.

picture source: Western Archives

Greg Playford online:
I was at that show. The highlight was when he jumped up on the piano bench and ran the keyboard with his elbows. He has a couple cans of Stroh’s there.


with band leader Kenny Lovelace

Dave O´Halloran online:
Jerry Lee´s first time in London was probably 4/10/1958 on an Alan Freed at the old London Arena. Also on the bill; Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Larry Williams, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Sam Taylor and many more….not sure how many of these made it across the border for the short Canuck portion of the tour.
He didn´t drink the cans of Strohs althought I think he did open one. At the end of the show, he tossed a full one out into the crowd.



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Dave O´Halloran
Greg Playford
Western Archives

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October 1966 - London (UK) - Russel Square

22. Oktober 2016

Photo session pics by photographer Dezider Hoffman, taken at Russel Square in London (UK) on 15. or 16. October 1966.

















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Dezo Hoffman
Pierre Pennone
Tex Johan

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09. August 1968 - Sunbury On Thames (London, UK) - Jazz & Blues Festival at Kempton Park

9. August 2016

9. August 1968, Jerry Lee Lewis played a wild show at Sunbury Jazz & Blues Festival at Kempton Park in London.

at Westminster Hotel, 09. August 1968

with Ken Lovelace at Westminster Hotel, 09. August 1968

at Westminster Hotel, 09. August 1968

at Westminster Hotel, 09. August 1968

at Westminster Hotel, 09. August 1968

at the festival

at the festival

at the festival

at the festival

at the festival

at the festival

at the festival

at the festival

at the festival


Paul MacPhail in his book FERRIDAY FIREBALL:
´Jerry, dressed in a solid gold suit with matching gold shoes and gold bowtie, plays an outdoor concert at the Sunbury Jazz & Blues Festival at Kemton Park in London.
A crowd of over 4000 fans caught his only appereance on this visit to England. It was a racetrack with a huge grandstand.
Jerry and guitarist Ken Lovelace, with the backing of a British Band, put on a terrific performance opening with the rocker *Memphis* and the country ballad *You Win Again*. He follows with *High Heel Sneakers*, his first recording, the country ballad *Crazy Arms*, his own *Lewis Boogie*, the hits *High School Confidential* and *What´d I Say*, and a country ballad *Your Cheating Heart*. Then he rocks into *Great Balls Of Fire* and follows it with his latest #1 country hit *What Made Milwaukee Famous (Made A Loser Out Of Me)*, before ending with his biggest hit *Whole Lotta Shaking*, driving the sedate audience into a state of frenzy before he encored with *Good Golly, Miss Molly*. This song wasn´t finished before there was a riot so frightening, that festival officials feared a mass violence and forced Jerry and the band to leave the stage´









Martin Affleck for Shaking Keyboard:
Sally and I arrived fairly early to find a long, long queue waiting outside. After a few words with Tony Papard and his brother, we headed for the security area…and, by golly, it was. The National Jazz Festival, who were organizing the show, had hired a security organisation, complete with walkie talkies and guard dogs. We managed to get to the organiser´s tent and tried to find out if Jerry´s booking agents were around. We were politely but firmly shown the way out and spent the next hour waiting around outside the artists entrance. We met several friends like Wim de Boer from Holland. At long last, Jerry´s entourage arrived with Jerry in a Zephir hired car. We managed to get in and to get a security badge so that we weren´t liable to be evicted. Jerry was looking as fit as ever, in a dark, golden suit, swigging a glass of Schlitz beer. This was canned in Brooklyn, New York, and the head office of the company is in Milwaukee and printed on the can was´the beer that made Milwaukee famous´. Greetings flowed between us and then I had a word with Jerry´s US companions, leaving Jerry to the mercies of the news hounds. Jerry´s US guitarist was Kenny Lovelace from Florence, AL. He was real friendly and willingly posed for photographs in his deep blue suit. The best description I can find for Kenny is chirpy. He´s full of life; keenly aware of what´s going on around him and always smiling. I then moved on to Dick Thompson, Jerry´s road manager. He was in a brown suit and seemed a bit sombre after Kenny but he was real friendly . Dick lives at Jerry´s home in Memphis. Jerry was free for a moment. Jerry had been late arriving at his hotel due to a mix up with the hired car and it was time for him to go on stage.
The show was in an open air, with just the stage being sheltered by canvas. The first rows of seats had been screened off and were reserved for press but the rockers had burst through this and were all standing at the front of the stage, which was about five feet above the ground. Jerry walked on to a huge cheer from the rock´n´rollers and started into MEMPHIS ! All the old Jerry Lee style followed with hands a pumping, voice a hollering, head a shaking and all the audience a jumping. One sector of the audience seemed more intent on playing ring-a-rosies but they did just about keep time with the beat…they did succeed in knocking over a few of the audience and generally spoiling the view of a portion of the audience. Jerry followed with HIGH HEEL SNEAKERS. Next he said´my first record on the SUN label in 1956´and it was CRAZY ARMS, followed by YOU WIN AGAIN, HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, BLUE SUEDE SHOES, YOUR CHEATING HEART, WHAT´D I SAY with Jerry grabbing the keyboard lid and thumping it against the piano in time to the beat.´My latest record which is shooting up the country charts back home´, he said and it was WHAT´S MADE MILWAUKEE FAMOUS. All through the show so far, the burlies on stage had been keeping the over enthusiastic cats offstage, some being hurled off into the crowd. It was getting uglier all the time and got a fever pitch of coins being thrown and bodies flying during WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN´GOIN´ON. You could see Jerry didn´t like the situation, particularly as someone was going to get hurt and Jerry feels for his fans. Jerry stopped´Shakin´abruptly and asked the crowd to cool it as the burlies were only doing their job and he didn´t want anyone to be hurt. He then stomped into GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY, taking it easy at first and then ripping it up. Jerry was whisked off stage and I got back to his changing tent to find him assailed by reporters and fans wanting autographs.
I went over to Jerry when things quietened down and received a dig in the ribs and a sly´I´m a country singer now. That won´t please a rock´n´roller like you, Martin!´. After a little while Jerry was off to his hotel for some kip, ready for Saturday´s TV rehearsals.










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Pierre Pennone
Paul MacPhail
Martin Affleck
Lyndon Needs
Laurens van Houten

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28. July 1971 - Attica, IN - Harvest Valley

31. Juli 2016

On 28. July 1971 Jerry Lee Lewis played two shows in Attica, Indiana. He got backed by his sister Linda Gail, Ken Lovelace, Bill Strom, Ed Debruhl, Larry Estes, Buddy Church and Charles Owens.
For additional facts, info & details read the article Pierre Pennone wrote for Fireball-Mail mag.

The Daily Ledger Tribune (19.July 1971):
´Recording Star arrived in Attica Sunday for a performance in Harvest Valley. With Lewis above are Mike craig, airport manager, Warren County Sherrif James Brier and Gerriel Manion, Montgomery Ward store. Lewis and his staff arrived at Riley Field in a DC3, believed to be the largest plane ever to land at the local airport.´

Pierre Pennone for FBM:
After nine hours in a plane, 18 hours in a bus covering about 6000 miles from Switzerland to Indianapolis, Indiana, what a surprise it was to see that there was no more transportation for the last 40 miles bet­ween Indianapolis and Attica where Jerry Lee Lewis was due to play on that Sunday afternoon at 3 o´clock. So l had to finish my trip by hitchhiking under the hot summer of the mid-west. Attica is a small town of 5000 people, Jerry Lee was in fact due in a place called´Harvest Valley´at 10 miles in the country. The show was on a large field along a river. There, every Sunday from May to September a country star entertains the country fans, The program for the season included Lester Flat, Roy Acuff, Hank Williams Jr., Del Reeves, Ernest Tubb, Tex Ritter and Loretta Lynn. At 2 o´clock, cars arrived filling quickly the parking, there was no other way to come to the show than by car. About 1200 people were there, mostly young couples in their early thirties; often with a child. A very different public comparing to the European audience at Jerry´s shows. The place was nice, an oasis in the heat of the summer.
JERRY LEE AND HIS BAND arrived at the municipal airport at 2:30 pm. and immediately went in a little house upon the river behind the open-air stage. l started to familiarize with the musicians: KENNETH LOVE LACE, BILL STROM, ED DEBRUHL, LARRY ESTES, BUDDY CHURCH, and CHARLES OWENS, plus PUCKET who sells records and photos, JIM, who acts as body-guard, DICK WEST and CECIL HARRELSON who has been Jerry´s road manager for about 8 years now. But impossible to approach Jerry Lee and Linda for the time being!

on stage 1st show (© Pierre Pennone)

The first part of the show starred local country artists and then the Memphis Beats went on stage, Pucket announced that a fan had made 6000 miles to see this show and introduced me to the public. This was very nice and brought me a lot of questions from local people during the rest of the day. Then Kenneth sang one song, followed by Bill Strom who put a lot of action in his act and then came THE LEGEND with one cigar in his right hand and a glass in the left one, he sat at the piano and started with DOWN THE LINE, Jerry Lee looked younger than ever, in sport clothes and white tennis shoes. The sound was not perfect due to the open-air place, but Jerry was in great form! Bill Strom was dancing behind his organ and Larry was doing incredible grins be­hind his drums. JERRY announced that it was second show of the day as they had ­the first in the plane that took them here from Memphis, but he said he had a good pilot. Then he sang YOU WIN AGAIN with a lot of sincerity and then said ´I´m gonna do a song from one of my SUN albums that sold 6 million copies for Elvis and did pretty good for me, hope you enjoy it – DON´T BE CRUEL´. This was a great moment that took us to the good ole days of rock-a-billy! He did a very long version singing slowly in the middle as he does in´Mean Woman Blues´. He changed his microphone as he was not satisfied with the one he had. Jerry said :´As we have many, many requests…about two … we gonna do that one´and started off with´Whole Lotta Shakin´Goin´On´ but stopped after a few lines and said ´we´re gonna do that one later´ and then the same happened with ´Great Balls Of Fire´! Everybody laughed with Jerry and then he did ALL THE GOOD IS GONE which was a surprise to me as it is one of his best country tunes but never had a big re­ceipt. At the end of the song he repeated slowly the words ´All the good is gone from the love we shared´.

on stage 1st show (© Pierre Pennone)

Then Jerry introduced Linda Gail Lewis with the words ´We have a lady who will gonna do a fantastic job for you. l think she has a lot of talent …(looking at the musicians) has she a lot of talent? (then he yodelled) Miss Linda Gail Lewis!´ Linda came on stage in a pink outfit and started singing JACKSON with Jerry Lee, followed by HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT on her own. It was a surprise for me to see her, she is really looking different from all of the pictures I have ever seen, in fact she is a very nice looking girl, very tall and slim and her action stage was great. Then she did JOHNNY B. GOODE, a very fast version with Jerry Lee doing fantastic piano work. Then Jerry took over again and did WHAT´S HADE MILWAUKEE FAMOUS. After that he said a few words about his piano ´I´ve a very fine piano, in fact a modern up-to-date piano, l don´t have a piano like this everyday, that is a goodie but not an oldie!´ Then he followed with ONE HAS MY NAME and SHE EVEN WOKE HE UP TO SAY GOODBYE with Ken and Linda doing the chorus behind him. These songs were followed by TOUCHING HOME and THERE MUST BE MORE TO LOVE THAN THIS. It was great to see Jerry Lee in front of the sun disappearing through high trees. At the end of the last song he yodelled and, as there were many re­quests for it, he went into DRINKIN´CHAMPAGNE which got big applause. He did a long version with a fantastic end. Next came SAN ANTONIO ROSE, with Jerry standing in front of the pia­no and he went from one musician to the other and then sat on top of the piano. Each guy of the band did a solo while Jerry was doing his usual movement with one of his fingers. At the end of the number, when Jerry was at the other end of the stage, Bill Strom tried to play piano but Jerry returned quickly and said to him ´back up Jerry!´ He continued with a fast but short version of GREAT BALLS OF FIRE.

on stage 1st show (© Pierre Pennone)

He finished this show doing a couple of gospel songs - HE LOOKED BEYOND´MY FAULT and THE LILY OF THE VALLEY. Jerry put a lot of spirit in these gospel tunes. Linda was doing chorus and everybody saw that both songs had a special meaning for both of them with so many trouble this past year. Jerry Lee thanked the public again and said´We have a fantastic crowd today, we love to come to Indiana. They gave me a fantastic piano. l didn´t break it because it cost too much money. Thanks to my musicians (giving their names). We´ll be back for the second show in a few minutes doing everything you want and perhaps we´re gonna break this beautiful piano. See you in a few minutes, just some time to drink a glass of champagne, God bless you!´

between the shows, Pierre & Linda Gail (© Pierre Pennone)

Jerry returned to his cabin and Puckett went on stage to advertise that he had all Jerry Lee’s records to sell and photos too. l went back to Jim and asked him if Jerry Lee could receive me. After a few minutes he came back with his approval and at last I was able to see him again, the first time for 5 years!

between the shows, Judd & Dean Phillips (© Pierre Pennone)

Jerry Lee received me warmly, l gave him the last copies of the Fire Ball Mail which made him so happy. He called everybody to show some pictures and intro­duced me to everybody there. Suddenly he told me a name that was THE big surprise for me: JUDD PHILLIPS! I couldn’t believe it, the guy who first promoted Jerry Lee in 1957, brother of the legendary Sam Phillips. Judd was the nicest, warmest person l met during my trip, I’ll never forget how nice he was to me. Today he promotes Jerry Lee. l met Linda Gail for the first time too and immediately noted that she’s a very simple and nice person.

between the shows, Pierre with Judd Phillips & Ken Lovelace (© Pierre Pennone)

Jerry Lee asked a few questions about my trip and when l told him that l planned to go down to Memphis, he immediately proposed me to come along in his plane. l couldn´t believe it and, of course, l said yes. So we arranged everything with the pilot. Jerry will have a new plane soon, the one he had for the moment was rented. We discussed for a few minutes and as many people wanted to meet Jerry l left him for the time being.

Killer´s on the way for the 2nd show (© Pierre Pennone)

The second show was already on and one hour later it was again the Memphis Beats on stage. They just did one song and then Jerry Lee was back followed by sister Linda, under big applause. There were about 1800 people for the 2nd show and the atmosphere was wilder than for the first show and most of all …Jerry Lee was wilder! He started with JAMBALAYA with everybody clapping their hands, then he quickly gave the names of his band members and looking at Linda he sang a few words of ´Big Legged Woman´ and said loudly ´That´s a good song´. Jerry was in great form, ready for a good show,. He followed with WHAT´S MADE MILLWAUKEE FAMOUS and TODAY l STARTED LOVING YOU AGAIN, leaving the piano right in the middle of the song to go on front of the stage and he fixed a girl in the audience right in her eyes. At the end of the song he said ´There´s a pretty young lady just there, hum she´s just so fine, l wonder how old she is, how old are you? (she answered 16) Hooo a really fine lady but she could get me into trouble, would you please come on stage, you´ll see how it is to be Jerry Lee´. She did and Jerry thanked her and did the next song for her - BREAK MY MIND.

on stage, 2nd show (© Pierre Pennone)

Everybody was having big fun, especially Jerry! As something was wrong with a microphone, Judd Phillips came on stage to move it and Jerry said:´Wait a minute Judd! This is the guy who put me in the business, he took me to the Steve Allen show in 1957 to do ´Whole lotta shakin´goin´on´ which was my first gold record ….Mr JUDD PHILLIPS!´ There was big applause from the public. Then Jerry tried a few notes on his piano and said ´I´m gonna do the next song for my sister, she´s 22 or 23 today, how old are you? 24! Whooo… l must be 28 now!´ He then did a blues song I have never heard of, but it was a ´Birthday Song´ and it was a great moment as Jerry was really funny while doing it, then both joined for WE LIVE IN TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS and WHEN YOU WORE A TULIP AND l WORE A BIG RED ROSE.

on stage, 2nd show (© Pierre Pennone)

There was a lot of action during the last song with Jerry and Linda standing in front of the stage and the band behind giving everything they have, the scene was really rockin´! Then Jerry announced that Linda would do a song she did on his last live album - TAKE THESE CHAINS FROM MY HEART, with Jerry Lee doing a great piano solo in the middle. Next came good ole rockin´Chuck Berry hit ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN which is my favourite duet by Linda and Jerry and they moved everybody with that ´just a jumpin´little record they want a jockey to play´! Then Jerry continued with ONCE MORE WITH FEELING with Ken and Linda doing the chorus.´Here´s a new song´, he said,´that will perhaps be released in the next few years we don´t know, NO HONKY TONKS IN HEAVEN!´ It´s a religious country song what should be out as his next single. As the song had a good re­ceipt Jerry did it twice. Suddenly Jerry was in a strange mood and he started playing just as for himself, then he stopped the melody and started again singing with just him playing piano and Larry playing drums, l don´t know the name of the song but it was great (it was Mr SANDMAN), probably an old popular song and as he got a good success with it, he sang another oldie l never heard before, something that must be called OLD PIANO ROLL BLUES. It was just like if Jerry was singing along with his friends, absolutely GREAT!! At the end of the song he screamed and shook the top of the piano just like mad!

on stage, 2nd show (© Pierre Pennone)

Then he was playing a few notes just as if he could remember it,´That´s a song that Hank Williams wrote many many years ago… I know it, l know it!´ l COULD NEVER BE ASHAMED OF YOU, always with Linda doing the chorus; next came TO MAKE LOVE SWEETER FOR YOU. At the end of this number, as Linda and Ken were really pushing on the word ´sweeeeter´, Jerry asked to sing this again and again, he then said that he did that song on the Tom Jones Show and he asked a big applause for ´Jerry Lee Lewis´, which he got together with laughs. Someone in the crowd requested for a boogie and Jerry started play­ing his piano with a fantastic boogie during a few minutes and then directly into´My name is Jerry Lee Lewis, l come from Louisiana´ of course this was LEWIS BOOGIE with Jerry standing at the piano, shaking his legs.

on stage, 2nd show (© Pierre Pennone)

Then followed HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL screaming like mad, then he was back on front of the stage moving his pelvis, and he finished with WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN´GOIN´ON jumping on top of the piano while a dozen of people came on stage and everybody was standing and clapping their hands, as wild as during the old days of rock with Jerry using his feet to play the keys. To finish the show Jerry said ´Thank you, God bless you, l appreciate it, l made my show and without a doubt in my mind it was a great one (everybody agreed), there were 3 great entertainers in the past, one was Al Jolson, the next was Jimmie Rodgers, the third one was Hank Williams and l think the next will be JERRY LEE LEWIS!!!´ Then he left.

on stage, 2nd show (© Pierre Pennone)

One hour later everybody in Lewis band and myself were under the wings of the plane trying to get out of a sudden storm, anyway it was decided that we could take off. That plane had 20 seats with pilot and co-pilot. In the back of it were seated Ed, Larry, Buddy, Charles playing cards; Jerry and Linda were discussing about Linda´s recording session which had to take place two days later; Cecil, Jim and Dick West were trying to sleep and Judd, Ken and me were dis­cussing and drinking some bottles of Budweiser beer. We had to land twice due to the storm before we came in Memphis three hours later. The place was hot even in the middle of the night. Immediately a few cars arrived and took each of us to their own home, yours´truly´being invited by the Hawk in his nest. I was driven by Cecil in that long black limousine that Jerry Lee used for his tours until last year. I was just like a King in the back of the biggest car l had ever seen in my life. Jerry lives 10 miles out of Memphis together with Linda, Cecil, and Ken in that house he bought early in the 1960’s near the lake Coro. Of course, Myra and Phoebe are not living there anymore. Judd and his wife joined us to finish the night, it was about 3 am. Immediately I was surprised by a record on the Columbia label called ´Big Blond Baby´. Jerry explained that he had just re-recorded it and it was the copy made by Columbia studio´s for him­self. He put it on his record-player and played it for me. First I had a shock by the loudness of his Hi-Fi set, then a second by the version he made, very wild, even better than the SUN recording of it, whoooh! At the end Jerry shouted ´It´s a hit, it´s a hit! That´s my next record! It will be a N° 1 hit on all the – charts!´ Judd Phillips told him to use it as the -B- side because it could bother the country DJ´s. Jerry Lee replied that he had a security force with his 10 country hits in a row and that it was the right time to issue a rock number. His success in June at the Madison Square Garden in New York and the Forum in Los Angeles had showed him that rock was back in force and this song would be a pop hit! Jerry played records until …8 a.m. !!! And even I had not slept for 48 hours, I didn´t think one second about going to bed, because all the records he played were his and have never been issued before!! I didn´t ask the title of all of them, so I just give my impression on the ones I can remember. A big surprise to me was to see Jerry listen to his records. His face is exactly like on stage, in deep concentration and he really doesn´t like to hear somebody talking. This caused a quarrel with Ken who was a bit tipsy and wanted to talk all the time. Jerry played me a record he made when he was 18 years old, I can´t remain the title of it (note : this was the 1954 recording of I Don´t Hurt Anymore / If I Ever Needed You) but it proved the talent Jerry already had. He played me that new song he did in Attica called ´There’s no honky tonks in heaven´ which should be his next country hit. There´s a song I especially liked which is called ´The things that matter most to me´. l don´t know who wrote it but it was probably written for Jerry. It was very fine and full of meaning words, I hope this will be on his next album. There´s a song that Jerry liked very much and could be a hit called ´Love of all seasons´, with violins, the first song written by Linda that Jerry recorded. There was another song which I liked with religious words called ´Thirteen at the table´. He played his album with songs issued on the HALL OF FAME LP´s. One track was not issued called ´My Blue Heaven´. There´s a few sides from the Gospel album which are still in the can. One is especially great called ´Handwriting on the wall´. It begins with a Chuck Berry guitar style opening, then it is a rockin´ duet by Jerry and Linda, really something fantastic, one of the best duets they ever did. From the same session is a duet called ´Cheater Pretend´, there is another cut of ´I´ll fly away´, thousand times better than the one on the LP, much longer with a fantastic end with Jerry Lee talking. I noted two other songs, but I can´t remember how they sound : ´Lonesome fiddle man´ and ´Someday´. I also heard a record with one track by Ken and the other by Bill Strom. I heard many more, Mercury/Smash has probably even more songs in their files than SUN. People who said that Mercury had only half a dozen of songs left are absolutely wrong! At 8 am. I had some food alone with Jerry Lee while everybody was gone to sleep and then Jerry showed my room and I had my longest night.

Many Thanks to Pierre Pennone!

jerryleelewis.org online:

22. - 26. May 1975 - Indianapolis, IN - Stage One Entertainment Center

27. Mai 2016

on stage, hands on piano fiddle in preparation

From 22. May on Jerry Lee Lewis plays five nights (ten shows) at the Stage One Entertainment Center, in Indianapolis, IN, during the week of the Indy 500 car Race.

on stage with fiddle

Linda Gail Lewis & Memphis Beats, opening of the second show

Gail Hyatt:
Back at Stage One in Indianapolis for five nights and ten big shows. Jerry Lee and Linda Gail appeared here May 22 through 26 during the 500 mile race week. Jerry Lee and Linda Gail rode in the big 500 race parade Saturday, May 24. Needless to say they were the high point of the parade. The Killer said, ´I never saw so many good lookin´women — along with their BIG husbands´. The shows were all fantastic as usual. But for the first time after twenty years l saw Jerry Lee attempt something he didn´t get done. Note - l didn´t say he gave up just quit for the time being. Jerry Lee sat watching Boogie Man play the guitar with his teeth and said,´If you can play the guitar with your teeth, l can play the piano with mine´. Well, we´ve all seen him play the piano with near to everything but his teeth. But after a few attempts in some strange positions he said,´Boogie, if you think I´m going to break nine thousand dollars worth of caps on my teeth you´re crazy”. (Break and crazy are my words but - ladies, it DO sound better!!)

on stage

on stage

on stage

on stage, 24. May 1975

Linda Gail Lewis & Memphis Beats, opening of the show on 25. May 1975

Killer on stage now, 25. May 1975

on stage

Lois Tenner:
May 25 there were a group of club members there for show and dinner from Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. Shortly after Jerry Lee was on stage Gail and Jim Hyatt came on the stage behind him. Kenneth whispered to Jerry Lee that Jim had an announcement to make. Jerry Lee said, “Very important announcement. Jim’s probably going to give me the key to the city”. Facetious was the remark, but humble was the look on¬ Jerry Lee’s face when he turned and indeed saw the Key to the city in Jim’s hand……

Jim Hyatt presented Jerry Lee with the key

….A little stunned Jerry Lee remarked,´I was kidding. l didn´t know this´. Jim presented Jerry Lee with the key. Jerry Lee insisted,´I was cuttin´up and actin´a fool´. Jerry Lee looked at the key for a minute,´Mighty nice, but l swear l didn´t know that´.
Unbelievable as it may seem Jerry Lee had a little trouble finding words to say. There was a moment of silence then he said,´Ladies and gentlemen this is Sunday. Well, l guess we all know it´s Sunday. This is the Lord´s night so to speak. What I´m trying to say is — l don´t know what I´m trying to say. We ought to be in church l guess´…..

…Jerry Lee had a little trouble finding words…

…But - words weren´t necessary Killer! The key to the city was a very long over due honor Jerry Lee had coming to him….


…To say nothing of the flowers that were presented to Linda Gail. As for Linda Gail — l just wish you all could have been there. She was dressed in a lovely black floor length gown. Gail presented her with two dozen red roses (2 arm bouquets) from the club members. Tears streamed down Linda’s face as she stood with the roses in her arms. Talking about heart - l hear two days later she took those roses home to Memphis with her. Linda Gail is one of the most sweet down to earth people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. You could easily write a book on this gracious lady….

on stage

on stage

….The last show that night Jerry Lee did a three hour show. He started off with the piano and ended with drums, the fiddle and the guitar. l was worn out just watching by the time the show ended. And the band - well, l never saw such a looking wrung out bunch of musicians in all my life. It takes a fine musician to stay up with Jerry Lee on stage. He gave Butch Owens a little static but - if Butch missed a beat´only´Jerry Lee heard it….

on stage, 25. May 1975

….The last night Mr. Elmo Lewis (Papa Lewis) came on stage and did a song with Jerry Lee. It’s always a treat to see Mr. Lewis. The pride l saw on Linda’s face that night as she watched Mr. Lewis sing just about said it all for the lady. For those of you who have never seen Mr. Lewis take a good look at Jerry Lee, he looks like a´pint size´Mr. Lewis.
Linda Gail and Jerry Lee, it was a fantastic week. So nice to have you here.

Photo Credit: Jim & Gail Hyatt and Lois Tenner

Thanks to:
Jim & Gail Hyatt
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Pierre Pennone

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24. & 25. June 2016 - Nesbit, MS - Estate Sale at the Lewis Ranch

24. Mai 2016



Update 29.May 2016:
On 25. & 26. June only.

Update 16.June 2016 by Jerry Lee Lewis III
´My father and Stepmom, Jerry Lee and Judith Lewis, have decided to sell some of their long time belongings. Furniture, smaller items, kitchenware, personal JLL Memorabillia, and more available
Sale is Friday June 24 8am-6pm and again Saturday 8am-6pm
Some items will be posted to this event page as for sale, but any shipping or handling will be buyers responsibilty.
All items sold on property become the responsibility of the buyer to ship or handle.
Since I have had a lot of personal inquiries into the matter Dad(Jerry Lee) wants everyone to know he is not selling his property or leaving his home. After so many years of traveling the country, furnishing other homes, and then getting said furniture back he and Judith just have to much and would like to let some of it go.´

More details & updates here:
Estate Sale at the Lewis Ranch (by Jerry Lee Lewis III)

1941 Ford Super DeLuxe….a chance for some one to own a piece of history.
This car will do nothing but go up in value…..Firm price 30.000.

1941 Ford Super DeLuxe….firm price 30.000.

1941 Ford Super DeLuxe….firm price 30.000.

1941 Ford Super DeLuxe….firm price 30.000.

1941 Ford Super DeLuxe….firm price 30.000.

1941 Ford Super DeLuxe….firm price 30.000.

1941 Ford Super DeLuxe….firm price 30.000.

1941 Ford Super DeLuxe….firm price 30.000.

1941 Ford Super DeLuxe….firm price 30.000.

Thanks to:
Glen Gossett & Jerry Lee Lewis III

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17. May 1972 - Stockholm (SWE) - Kungliga Tennishallen

17. Mai 2016


Killer on his way to the stage

video snippets & interview (upload by Federico Fichera)

Killer’s waiting for the show on stage

On 17. May 1972 Jerry Lee Lewis plays a show at the Kungliga Tennishallen in Stockholm, Sweden. His very first show in Stockholm.

on his way to the piano


The Killer got backed by Linda Gail Lewis and his band The Memphis Beats with Ken Lovelace (lead guitar), Herman Hawkins (bass guitar), JoJo Tate (drums), Charlie Owens (steel guitar), Buddy Church (rhythm guitar) and Bill Strom (organ).




Also along with him was road manager Cecil Harrelson, bodyguard Dick West and promotional advisor Jud Phillips.




Set List:
1.What’d I Say
2. Cold Cold Heart
3. You Can Have Her-Don´t Be Cruel (medley)
4. C.C. Rider
5. Would You Take Another Chance On Me
6. Me and Bobby McGee
7. Another Place Another Time-Green Green Grass of Home (medley)
8. Waiting For A Train
9. No Headstone On My Grave
10. Blue Suede Shoes-Hound Dog (medley)
11. Great Balls Of Fire
12. Whole Lotta Shakin´Goin´On
13. Jenny Jenny-Long Tall Sally-Tutti Frutti (medley)
14. I´m So Lonesome I Could Cry
15. High School Confidential



It’s done….Killer’s leavin´ the stage…great job

full audio (upload by Markus R.)

backstage, with Kenneth Swanström

backstage, with Linda Gail Lewis

backstage, with Per-Ake Blohm (l.) & Kjell Grönberg (r.)

backstage, with (from left) Kenneth Swanström, Nils-Erik Kihlström and sister Linda Gail

backstage, in chat with swedish piano rocker Kenneth Swanström

backstage, giving autographs to the fans (among others Nils-Erik Kihlstrom & Per-Ake Blohm)

Many Thanks to:
Nils-Erik Kihlström
Paul MacPhail
Pierre Pennone

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